Coming this summer… DeciBrain!

Think Animeyes, think supersized sound reactive graphic equaliser brain, eyes and headphones! (image is proof of concept purposes only)


Another photo from Lochness & Friends


Some photos from Lochness & Friends

The post festival MOT begins

The eyes have been resting long enough. It’s time for a post-festival MOT check and preparation for the next installation at the “Lochness & Friends” exhibition.

Eye number one being unboxed

Artrocker Shamabala review

We just got word of a great Shambala review with a very complimentary mention of Animeyes;

“Festival favourite The Enchanted Woods is as pleasant as ever, providing a place to chill out giving solace from the heady array of activities only metres away, as usual the organisers have enlisted local Bristol talent. Designed by Ben Winstone (Medical Researcher at Bristol Robotics Laboratory) this year’s highlight Animeyes tracks your every move from the lofty trees above, move too quickly and these winged eyeballs will catch you in their gaze.”

Thanks guys!

Animeyes to be part of the Lochness & Friends exhibition @ the tobacco factory, Bristol 3rd October


Animeyes will be part of the Lochness & Freinds Psychodelia exhibition at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol of 3rd October. Come say hello!

Loch Ness & Friends Flyer Design small

Animeyes debut @ Shambala 2014

For those lucky enough to attend Shambala Festival this summer you may have wondered through the enchanted woodlands full of amazing art work. Tucked away in the treeline you would have found Animeyes looking down waiting to be activated by interactions from the festival goers. Animeyes debut outing left an audience both dancing around trying to get the eyes attention or enjoying the ambient light projected through the trees. You can find the first round of photos in the gallery page, and below; (more…)

Hello world!

Welcome to the Animeyes website. Stay tuned for any news on past or future adventures with the animeyes animatronic eyes!